Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week 2 of the MTC & 2nd Try

Well hey!
Can you all believe that I've been in the MTC for almost 2 weeks now? I mean, you probably can, but I seriously can't. It's a funny/kind of frustrating feeling that I can't remember a single thing I've done in the past 13 days if I think too hard about it. The only thing I know is that I have had so many spiritual experiences and I've grown so much that I can't even remember the details of them all. Most importantly, I remember how I feel and how I have felt and I know that all is well through faith. My testimony has grown ten-fold in my time at the MTC. I am telling you all now (and mostly myself) that I will never forget what I've felt here and feel now. Gold loves us.
My plan for this email was to send you pictures and tell you about them but these lovely MTC computers won't even allow my to connect my camera with a USB. They'll just have to wait until I get out into the field which is TOMORROW.
Whoa, I'm so excited to get to Michigan. I am so excited for my alarm to go off at 2-3 a.m. so we can prepare to go to the airport. I'm excited. That's all.
Half of our district left Monday morning which was pretty sad. I miss Elder Lester, Elder Sheperd, and the Sisters a lot. It's funny how attached we got to each other in less than 2 weeks. It must be because we had so many spiritual experiences together.
I'm sorry, everyone. Now that I'm sitting here I have nothing to say other than I LOVE YOU. I feel so much peace in my heart and the only way that's possible is because God is watching over me. I recognize the Holy Spirit so much more. I love God. That is all.
-Elder Schmutz

Then, bless his little heart, he gave it a second try!

I promise from now on I'm going to record things I want to tell you all in the moment that I have them. I feel lame sitting down for 40 minutes and wanting to tell you all so much but not being able to. You're all great.
Let me tell you something that happened like 5 minutes ago. Elder Safley and I went to the outdoor cafeteria to get bagged breakfast. On the way out by the outside door, a rug's corner had been flipped up and curled. From outside of it a mouse appeared. It was so cute and tiny. Elder Safely was about 5 feet away when I pointed at it and said, "Hey, look at that cute mouse". He stopped right where he ways and yelled at me "KILL IT". I continued to stand there, pointing at the mouse as it froze about 2 feet away from me. This went on for a few seconds. I continued pointing and repeating variations of, "it's so cute, I'm not gonna kill it, I'm not just gonna step on it" and Elder Safley repeatedly yelled at me from 5 feet away, "KILL IT, SMASH IT!". The mouse continued to stay still, eating some bagel crumbs or something. Realize that a few other missionaries were standing around and witnessing this whole thing.
Elder Safley's great. I realize that we are quite different but we have gotten along SO WELL because we have the same purpose. Yeah.
Pray for Elder Schmutz so that he may be able to write emails that make sense.
Love you all.
-Elder Schmutz

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