Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014 - Midland 2

I've been sitting here for the past, like, 15 minutes trying to come up with a clever subject line. 

This was an alright week. It was a little bit slower due to the weather which sounds like the lamest excuse but it slowed the work down. The mass email from Pres. Hess this week was titled, "Many are cold, but few are frozen" which I thought was terribly witty. Many parts of the MLM were shut down for a few days. People got snowed in, but luckily we didn't get it as bad in Midland.

I told you a bit about Jeremy Hammers last week. He contacted our WML Bro Jones last week and said he wanted to learn more about spiritual things, specifically the Book of Mormon. He sincerely wants to change his life and become a servant of God and he is so humble. He is going through a lot right now and he feels as though he can't come back from where he's been but the Gospel has been healing him in every way- emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We set a date with him for January 25th. 

We currently have two other investigators on date. Chuck Moore is a brilliant guy we knocked into before Christmas. He is full of the light of Christ and basically everything we teach him recognizes immediately as truth. He has a mild developmental disability but is seriously brilliant. He knows the Bible and Christian doctrine really well and loves what we teach him. Basically his only concern is getting good fellowshippers- he actually went onto and looked for candidates of Mormons in Midland who could be his fellowshippers. Pretty awesome. I've already told you about Nick (Heather Hale's 13-year old son) who has been progressing pretty well. Apparently he had a bad experience with one of the boys at church the other week so that might be an obstacle we will have to overcome before we can continue with him.

We had two great Restoration lessons with some pretty new investigators. The first was with Chris, a cool guy that was recently in a bad car accident that has changed his life and is always looking for new perspectives on God. He is excited to read the Book of Mormon and we'll be seeing him later this week. We also had a really good lesson with Tearis (Tee-air-iss)- I don't know if I've told you about him yet but he's an awesome black guy from Flint. Tearis loves to talk and we've had a difficult time teaching him but we finally were direct and had a great lesson with him. He is very interested in the Book of Mormon as well and he has committed to read it. He also fed us collard greens which I enjoyed thoroughly.  

Most of the week was full of potential finding since door contacting was less-effective due to the weather. There wasn't a lot of outward success but we still got out there and used our time to the fullest. The Midland wards are getting very involved with the work which is exciting. We have a really good district full of hard-working, loving missionaries. We've been getting lots of solid referrals which is very exciting.

Not much about this week. It was very good- Elder Graves is doing well and is adjusting to the work at a fast pace. He's a great teacher and is quickly learning to love the people of Midland/Michigan. 

I love you all! From what I hear, it sounds like you all are doing well. 

-Elder Schmutz

I attached a picture of the Elders of the District the day me and E. Derricott picked up our trainees in Lansing. 

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