Monday, December 16, 2013

Almost Christmas, What da Heck?

So, first of all, Heather got baptized this Friday! Yaay! She is the best. For those of you that are familiar with "The District", her baptism reminded me a lot of Amor Robles. Before she stepped into the water she started to cry, and after coming up out of the water, she looked up at everyone and smiled a big smile. She got confirmed this Sunday which was a really good experience. Heather is a champ- she's gone through so much in the past but she's making huge changes in her life. She is very humble and loves the Gospel. We met with her last night and asked her about how she feels about the church besides her whole family not supporting her. She said that the Church was the best thing she's ever found in her life, and she thanks God that the missionaries came when they did because they were an answer to her prayers. 

That's about it. We've been knocking on doors a lot. Most potentials we find say they'd love to talk AFTER the end of the year which is kind of frustrating but good as well. If people were for real about meeting with us after the holidays we'll have like 20 new investigators after New Year's. Looking forward to that. 

I am way out of time, p-days are crazy. 

Love you all! Be well and have a merry Christmas.

-Elder Schmutz

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