Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas, Transfers, etc.

Merry late Christmas to you all, and have a happy New Year!

We got transfer calls on Friday. I was pretty much 100% sure that we weren't going to be moving around, but Elder Peterson is going to Bay City (20 minutes away, in the same zone) and I am going to be training in Midland 2. I am excited for this opportunity and I'm excited for the work in Midland. 

The Holidays were really good. Christmas eve day was actually a really good finding day -  we picked up a new investigator named Chris. Everyone was busy but very nice and said they wanted us to come back in week or so (after the New Year, etc). On Christmas eve night we spent time with the Henson's; Sister Henson is a ward missionary and Bro Henson is hilarious and well-read in church history and religious texts. We had dinner with them then they enrolled us in a dress-up Christmas story (picture included) and then they had presents for us. I love the Henson's. On Christmas we spent most of our time going around to Part-members and less-actives to carol and give out Joy to the World DVD's. Then we had Christmas dinner with the Jones' family - Bro Jones is our Ward Mission Leader. Their kids were in town which was fun, they all attend BYU and live in Provo. We played some games with them and had a merry time with them. They also had gifts for us which was so super nice. 

As far as teaching lessons went, this week was tough but we did a lot of door-step teaching and great potential finding. We set a date with Nick, Heather's son. He's doing alright but he is having to deal with anti stuff from his aunt. I don't know where people get the idea that we worship Joseph Smith or sacrifice children in temples (concerns we've had to work through). 

That's about it! I love you all very much and I think about you all of the time. I am excited to report about the work in the upcoming weeks in Midland and I hope that I can make a good impression on my "boy". Does anyone have any advice for me? I'd appreciate it if you do. All I know is that I want to continue to work hard and get better, and have a great time while doing it.

Happy New Year!

-Elder Schmutz

Elder Peterson was the angel.
I was the sheppard.
Alex was the donkey (buffalo pelt).
A cousin of the Henson's was the wise man, and the children played Mary and Joseph.
 It was a great time. 

I forgot to write about everyone else in the District, too. Elder Peterson is going to Bay City as I said in my big email. Sister Wamsley (sister in the front) has been in Midland for 9 months (half of her mission!) and is going to Portland. The other sisters are staying together for another transfer. Elder Heffner is going to Greenville and he's way stoked. Elder Derricott (my district leader) is training in Midland 1. Sister Empey (who was with S. Wamsley is getting two other sisters with her. She's excited because one of them is a Visa waiter so she'll have someone to practice Portuguese with.

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