Monday, May 19, 2014

19 May 2014 - So Yeah

This week wasn't nearly as exciting as the last, but still a pretty decent week.
The most exciting news is that I went on a sweet trade-off in Grand Valley with my district leader, Elder Villaneda. He's from some place in California (don't remember) but he's the coolest Elder. We had a sweet day. Right after disctrict meeting/lunch we went and gave a blessing to an elderly sister who had fallen that morning. That was a nice experience, but the best thing is that we got stopped on the way out of this old-people community (I forget what those are called, too) by Rita, this cute little 90-year old lady with dementia. She asked us to sign the Book of Mormon we gave her and she blew us kisses and gently whispered, "I love you". She was flirtin' pretty hard.
After that we went doorkocking for an hour or so and set three return appointments on the same street. That was pretty crazy, miracles like that seem to always happen on trade-off days. The rest of the day was just packed with lessons with recent converts and investigators. We ended up doing splits later and I went with a member named Brother Jones to go visit less-actives. The first guy we visited turned his living room into a gun show. Three separate times he went to his back room and pulled out handguns, bullets, and a home-defense shotgun. Everyone was just handling them while I just sat there. It was pretty hilarious. We shared a message and got outta there.
So other than that, not much to report. We got cancelled and shined a ton. In fact, we're having better luck contacting and teaching our former's than our current investigators. It's pretty sad, but we're working hard and efficiently anyway so things will turn around.
I forgot my camera adapter again. We might swing by the library later so I can send some pictures.
It seems like all of my friends are leaving on and coming home from missions. That's pretty cool. I am so grateful every day for the blessing and opportunity that I have to be a missionary and a servant of Jesus Christ.
Love you all!

Myself by a windmill.
Myself and Elder Jackson. There was supposed to be another windmill in the background but my head is too big so it got covered up.

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