Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy V-tine's/President's Day!

Happy President's day, everyone. I hope you all had a great Valentine's day as well. February 14th was my 6-month mark which is pretty crazy to think about. The mission goes by too quickly. 

This was a weird week. Other than teaching Jeremy the new-member lessons, we didn't do much teaching. Basically all of our week was spent knocking on doors, trying to find people to teach. Only problem, I think all of Midland went on a vacation and forgot to tell us. We talked to so few people for how long we were outside. That was a bummer. We didn't start teaching anyone this week, but we did find some really cool, solid potentials that we will hopefully see this week.

Since Elder Peterson and I hit the city streets hard when we whitewashed the area, this week we spent some time knocking out in "the country". The country is basically all of the sketch, secluded homes that are scattered about outside of the major highways. Well, we knocked on this small street and on the first door we knocked on, we talked to this nice Lutheran-raised lady who had a new-born in her arms. After we talked for a while she was like, "Do you know TJ Stoney? That's my husband." TJ is a less-active I've been trying to find TJ ever since I got to Midland. Well, it was a cool miracle that we found his super nice non-member wife out in the wilderness. EVEN COOLER is that she said she'd like to learn more about the church. 

The next door we knocked on, this cool guy named Bill let us in right away. He also has a new-born and was really nice. He's from Flint which is pretty sweet. His girlfriend was having a tough day though (just got out of jail I think?) so it wasn't a good time right then. We're going to go teach them tonight though! Way excited about that. 

Other than that, a slow week. I think people are tired of the cold weather and they're crabby and don't want to talk about Jesus. Oh well. 

Even though it was a little bit of a disappointing week, the Lord always provides tender mercies that keep me going. Earlier in the week we got chased off the doorstep of a potential which was pretty discouraging. As Elder Graves and I drove off, we got a text from Jeremy. It simply said, "Hey guys, I just want to thank you for helping me and for being beacons of light in the darkness." The Spirit was definitely working through Jeremy at that time, because God knew I was a little shaken up and needed a reminder that the Lord has blessed us with great love and success. 

K, lemme just say for a second- Jeremy is the best. He loved the new member lesson and now he's reading the New Testament and Jesus the Christ and he's just loving it. He's also fellowshipping the Midland 2 sister's investigator and will be going teaching with them and everything! Prepared people are prepared. It's crazy to think that about 2 months ago he didn't even believe in God and now he's turned his life around and he's a servant of Christ. 

Other tender mercy- I think I told you like 12 weeks ago that Elder Peterson and I knocked into these super nice Catholic former investigators that let us in and fed us pumpkin bread and herbal tea and listened to our message. Well, we walked by their house and Tim was outside so he talked to us and asked how our work was going. We told him that many were kind, and many weren't. He told us he was glad we were facing opposition so that we could cherish the good (what the heck, 2 Ne 2?!). He also told us, "I pray that the Spirit of God will be upon you so that the people you meet will feel the love of God through you and they will recognize you as His servants." I almost started crying. I wish he would just read the Book of Mormon, you know? It's interesting when people get caught up in minor details or misconceptions and therefore won't accept that the Book is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. ANYWHO. Tender mercy anyway. 

Love you all! Be blessed in everything that your doing. 

-Elder Schmutz

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