Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3, 2014

Well hey everyone!

This week was a miraculous finding week. We found three new awesome investigators!

The first is Kyle Gandy, a former that had a Restoration discussion more than a year ago then the missionaries lost contact with him. When we first knocked on his door he didn't seem very interested but we got his number and set up a time with him anyway. When we got there, he threw open the door and gave us a tour of his house and fed us snacks and water. We talked with him a lot about his religious background and gave him a Book of Mormon. I was on trade-offs with Elder Krebs in Midland 1 when they met with him again and they set a baptismal date with him. He is stoked about the message and is excited to learn more. Woo!

The other two investigators we found are the sweetest, older ladies ever. The first is Barb, the wife of Paul Len, one of our investigators that we haven't met with for a long time. We mostly listened to her. She talked about how her religion had failed her and she was looking for direction and a church. She asked for literature, and we introduced the Book of Mormon and gave her a Restoration pamphlet. Before we even asked, she told us who she knew that we could go and visit. She also sent us on our way with home-made raspberry jam. Barb. Sweetest lady.

The other lady we found is Judie. She's a devout Lutheran lady that is open to our message. She cried when we talked about God's love and the first vision. She is just the best! 

Other than finding miracles, this week was pretty interesting. We found out that Nick, our investigator on date, broke his arm snowboarding. We're going to find out if someone can get baptized with a cast on because if you can't, his date will be bumped back for another 6 weeks. 

It has been freezing!!!! I was on trade-offs on Thursday without a car. That was the day it was apparently -18 degrees. It felt like it. We walked everywhere and my face almost fell off/exploded. It was a good day though. Apparently it's the coldest Michigan winter ever recorded. It's pretty funny - I think people just don't come to their door when we knock because they don't want to open it. OR they stand at their window and shoo us away. Those are hilarious. For how much time we spend finding, we don't talk to many people. THAT'S OK THO because the Lord's work has not been frustrated by extreme cold temperatures. We find prepared people and I am just feeling so blessed!

Other fun story - our car broke down on Friday. Out in the country. Luckily we got it going and made it back to town. 

Love you all. We're out of time.


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