Monday, November 17, 2014

17 November 2014

Hey everyone!

Things are still going well here. It is getting pretty cold though; it makes for a fun challenge to try and stop kids on campus to talk to them about the Gospel. :)

We had a sick finding miracle this week! I told you last week about the new rule change, we don't drive cars anymore on Saturday. Well, the first day we went to campus to do our regular thing not realizing that NO ONE would be there. In the past we've doorknocked on Saturday to mix it up. It seemed campus was dead for finding opportunities. After walking around for a good half-hour, we saw one girl walking somewhat in our direction. We basically stalked her and stopped her to talk. After talking for a couple minutes, she said she was willing to hear our message. We taught her last Friday and she accepted the invitation to church, pray, read, and be baptized. It was pretty sweet. We've only taught her once, but she is already reading the Book of Mormon and enjoys it. Her name is Kya, pray for her that she will stay super solid! She admitted she was super weirded out when we stopped her (we were too), but it was a tender mercy nonetheless. 

Other than finding Kya, this was sort of a rough week. We got dropped by some of our top progressing investigators and we dropped/got dropped by all of our investigators marked for baptism. On the bright side, we set a date with Jeremy Evans even though he is still skeptical of the things we've taught him. We are working hard to help him lean less on physical evidence and more of spiritual evidence. As Elder Anderson said last conference, "Spiritual questions deserve Spiritual answers." 

I think God thought it would be really entertaining to put me on campus because I do some pretty weird stuff just about daily. I was on trade-offs the other day and in two separate instances I ran into people I thought were current investigators. I basically yelled at this girl, "HEY! How've you been?! Don't remind me, I remember your name....." I paused for a solid 4 seconds until she was like, "I've never met you before, I'm Claire". It made for a super good contact (not). We were in the library not 10 minutes later when I thought I saw Connor, a now former investigator. I clapped at him to get his attention since he had headphones on, but when I got closer I saw it was definitely not Connor. I disappointedly said, "Oh, you're not Connor." He replied, "I could pretend to be Connor  if you wanted me to." I walked off full of shame.

Love you all! Keep being great member missionaries as I hear you are and as I know you are!

-Elder Schmutz

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