Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Hey everyone!

This was a good week. I don't have much time because I have a lot of time because we're going to the Kalamazoo air-zoo later today! I also need to go do my laundry for more trade-offs! We do a total of 6 in the transfer so if we're not busy enough in our own area we're driving around to others.

Last Monday evening we drove to St. Joe for trade-offs in the middle of a severe winter storm, so that was pretty cool. The next day, campus was closed so myself and Elder Giar had to reschedule our day since no one was on campus. We still taught a lot and contacted some sweet people! We also went to Olive Garden since it was Elder Giar's birthday. I think everyone in the restaurant thought we were on a date...

Wednesday was incredible. We had a joint-zone conference with Meridian. Elder Nash unfortunately was called away on an emergency assignment from the brethren so we had a non-G.A. conference. It was super super good, and we were pumped to go out afterwards! We didn't get back to our area until around 7:30 but when we got back to K-zoo we skipped dinner and went out to find. We picked up two new investigators that evening.

Thursday and Friday were also good days. Did a lot of finding in between our appointments. We have seen a big change with our investigator Jeremy. His heart is being softened by the Spirit for sure. He came to the Saturday and Sunday session of stake conference and enjoyed both. He is seriously considering being baptized on December 13 which is just unreal to think about if you had been to our first meetings. At first he seemed to have no real intent, possibly just wanted to investigate to prove LDS doctrine wrong. I don't think that's the case anymore. 

Saturday. Walked everywhere. Talked to everyone. Had some more hilarious contacts. The usual day in the life of Elder Schmutz. Before the Saturday session of conference our mission president put it on myself and Elder Mac to put together a flash-mob. In the middle of his talk we stood up, hummed the tune "Called to Serve" as we made our way to the front, then all burst into singing once all the missionaries were in place. It went over surprisingly well! The humming was totally sketch but the singing was good. 

That's about it for the week! Have a great Thanksgiving. I'm so so grateful for each of you and for the impact you have had on my life. 

-Elder Schmutz

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