Monday, December 8, 2014

Because It's Christmas Time

Hey everyone! Not much time today. Things are really good here though!

I am surprised at the success we had this week. It was the week before finals so everyone was super stressed out on campus but we still found lots of investigators and taught a lot of really great lessons. Some of the people we picked up can't meet until next semester though...We'll see how that goes. Practically my approach boiled down to, "If you meet with us, you'll feel the Spirit and the Spirit will help you with your finals." Manipulative, maybe? I'm not sure. (2 Nephi 32:5)
Good way to start the transfer anyway. Most of our goals involve not eating sweets, including Insomnia Cookie and Den-pops (cheap fountain drinks on campus). We also have plans to utilize #ShareTheGift. Again, if you haven't seen it, watch it. Share it!

We got an investigator Sierra to church yesterday which was super exciting. One of her main concerns so far is that she's looked into many churches but their Sunday worship confuses and/or scares her. She really liked fast/testimony meeting and stayed all three hours AND for break the fast. It was really great! Other funny fact: Sister Ford (who passed out during her talk last week) came and was totally chill about the whole thing. She told me her favorite part of my talk is when I quoted 2 Nephi 32:7 (I think) telling us we should "pray always and not faint". I used the scripture without realizing that someone had literally fainted not 5 minutes earlier. I wondered why everyone thought that part of my talk was so funny.

That's about it. This week is going to be full of meetings for us so not as much time for exciting missionary work. The Christmas Devotional was incredible so if you didn't see it I'd recommend you watch it! Elder Christoffersen is a genius.

Love you all!

Elder Schmutz

P.S. What is the price of gas where you're all at? It is $2.35 here and still working it's way down. It doesn't really affect us at this point since we're missionaries but still, it's been pretty crazy to keep track of it. 

Picture: Enjoying Insomnia cookie for the last time (Elder Sauer was with us that night for transfers). 

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