Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hey - 12/15/14

Sorry, no time.

This was an interesting week. We had a lot of meetings this week (MLC, Interviews, Stake P.E.C.) so we had significantly less proselyting time. I attached a cool Christmas picture of the Elders at MLC though, we feel pretty fancy.

Did trade-offs with Marshall this week, I was with a trainee 7 weeks out that's super stellar. We had lots of fun and picked up a part-member family that is way cool. 

I see time and time again the power of setting specific goals, praying, then acting. On Friday we had about an hour to doorknock. We prayed that we would be let in to teach someone. We finished a building we previously started and at the last  door, a girl named Kirsten let us in and we talked to her for 3 minutes and set a return appointment (we should be teaching her tonight). As we exited we realized our prayer was answered but we hadn't been specific enough. Before the next building I said a prayer asking that we would be let in to teach a Restoration within the 45 remaining minutes we had. Again, at the very last door of the building, we met Kevin who let us in almost immediately. We taught him a Restoration and set a goal for a baptismal date. He really wants to read the Book of Mormon. Our prayers can and will be answered when action fulfills prayer and when we are full of faith. Sometimes He answers in ways we don't see or in His timetable, but He does answer.

Love you all!


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