Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry (Days After) Christmas!

Hey family and friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, ours was pretty great! As far as the work, things were pretty slow but we had fun nonetheless.

 On Christmas eve we went to the Williamsen's in Kalamazoo 1st ward and had a tasty traditional Christmas dinner. On Christmas day we had breakfast with the same family and played this card game that took 4 hours but was way fun. We also had a sword fight (a for real-life LARP) at the Stevens home. We had dinner later at the Griswold's (he is 1st counselor at KUB) and played some more games. Basically our day was full of eating and playing games.

Kirstin is doing super well. She came on Monday to FHE and made some good friends, especially with Mary Salisbury. We taught her Saturday and she had already read all the way to Alma 26. She knows that the Book of Mormon is true and is loving what we're teaching her. Satan is working really hard to keep her from coming to church though because she had to work yesterday. She is so solid though!

The Ongerts were sealed on the 27th! I thought about them all day and it made me very happy. I am so happy for them and I wish I could have been at the SLC temple with them! I can't believe it was well over a year ago I was teaching Sister Ongert with Elder Reheis in Spring Lake. At the time I really had no idea what was going on, but as I look back I am so grateful that God allowed me to meet such incredible people. 

In other news, me and Elder Mac are getting split up for the next two weeks since a sizable group of people are leaving two weeks before the transfer ends for school. We'll be split up finishing the training of new missionaries. We are somewhat depressed because we'll be separated for New years AND it is likely we won't be companions next transfer. I'm still hoping though! 

Love you all. Have a happy new year!

-Elder Schmutz

Picture: Me and Elder Mac now have comp joggers. They are super comfortable and super legit. 

Companion Gift Exchange. Christmas Day at the Williamsen's - We both
bought each other cologne.

The Aftermath of Our Swordfight at the Steven's. 

Pictionary at the Griswold's (Priesthood vs. Relief Society)

Here's a picture of my trainer, his mom, and his (possibly) new girlfriend with the Ongerts. If you don't remember, Kathy Ongert was the first person's baptism I had a part in back in Spring Lake. The Ongerts were sealed on the 27th. Part of me wishes I had been there, but important work is going on in Kalamazoo. 

I have forgotten to tell you week after week, but in November a former investigator of mine, Valerie Padgette got baptized! She was good friends with some members in Midland, and she was very close to baptism when we were teaching her but decided she wasn't ready to make certain life changes. She found me on Facebook and told me she was getting baptized! It was very exciting and I almost was able to go back for her baptism. 

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