Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14th, 2014 / Week 35 / A Glass Two-thirds Full

Hello friends and family!

I have been out on the mission eight months today. I kind of can't believe it. On one hand life before the mission feels so far away but on the other hand I feel so....Green. It's been an amazing eight months though. I know there are so many miracles and growing experiences ahead, too. 

So, this week was a miracle. Especially this weekend. We set Patty and Curt Cormier on date Saturday night which was awesome! May 17th. I love them. I'll have to get a picture with them to send to you. Curt has a flowing mullet, he's a drummer, and loves the scriptures. He also has a sweet Bostonian accent. We get along great. There are only two concerns so far - Curt has already been baptized four times so he's praying hard on authority. Also, they don't like leaving Emma (their dog) home alone so getting them both to church at the same time might be an issue...

SO, also on Saturday night the assistants called us. They asked if we would join with them in a fast for our areas. We fasted for Curt and Patty and also for new investigators that will progress and fasted for their investigators on date. 

Our Sunday services were so good. One of the young women's boyfriend Chazz came and had a great time. We gave him a Book of Mormon and will hopefully be teaching him. After church, we followed up with Anne, a lady we door-knocked into last week who also happens to be a former. She loves Jesus and believes whole-heartedly in reincarnation. That'll be a tough one to navigate past. 

The coolest miracle though is that we went home-teaching to see some less-actives, the Keyes family. We went with Brother Millward AND Brother Stevenson so it was kind of a full house. When we got there, the Keyes had a friend, Preston, who sat in on the Spiritual thought. Our original plan was to share the First Presidency Message which awkwardly morphed into a discussion on Alma 32 and the Book of Mormon. Sabbath-day observance found its way in there too. It was a pretty comical spiritual though BUT Preston wants to learn more so the ATONEMENT IS REAL. 

We also set a few return appointments with people we haven't been able to meet with in weeks so that was way miraculous. Such a goodSunday. The Lord blessed us tremendously. 

So yeah, that's it. We're going to see Curt and Patty again tonight. Things are going alright. It's raining a lot and Midland is flooding, seriously. I'll send pictures next week. The golf course is a 13-foot deep pool I think.

I re-did my Plan of Salvation cards and laminated them with contact paper. I've been lame at sending pictures so I thought I'd send you one. 

Anywho, I love you all.


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