Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31, 2014 - Week 33

Hey family and friends!

This was an awesome week. It seems that whenever we don't have a car, miracles happen. We found four new investigators and just had a great time walking around all of Midland. 

Early in the week we found Jake Wray. He's the brother of a former that we were trying to start teaching again. He was there and invited us back and we had a cool lesson with him. He's a 22-year old that wants to go into philosophy. He's already read the Book of Mormon twice and is now reading it again. He talks really fast and a lot which makes for interesting teaching but he's fun. He was planning on seeing us again at church but he didn't make it. That's alright. We'll get him. 

On Saturday morning we got a referral from Heather Hale, a recent convert. One of her neighbors and good friends, Patty, requested a blessing due to recent health problems. Bro. Jones took us over there and we knocked on the door. Patty let us in right away. She sat us in the living room with her husband, Curt. Before the blessing we ended up having a full Restoration discussion that was really powerful. Both of them were very receptive and Curt shared some amazing spiritual experiences that jive with the principles of the Restoration. We ended up giving both of them blessings and Curt came to fast and testimony meeting the next day. They are way cool! Patty kind of reminds me of Fay from "What about Bob?" She talks just like her actually. Curt is from Boston so he has a sweet accent and a flowing mullet. He really enjoyed church, too! We'll be seeing them again tomorrow night to continue teaching them. 

Later on Saturday we followed up with a lady named Janet. We door knocked into last week and she let us in. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and we're going back once she's had time to read.

WELL. That's what's going on pross-wise. We got a call from our zone leaders last Thursday telling us that Elder HOLLAND (of the 12) and Elder Hallstrom (of the 70) are coming to our mission May 20th. So excited. 

Three different members and some other missionaries told me that I'm looking slimmer. I was flattered. I've lost 15 lbs. during my time in Midland.  Family, you'd be so proud of me if you saw how healthy I've been eating. AND I'm exercising. Can you even believe that?

Well, that's about it. Midland is great. Last week the computers were really slow so I didn't get to attach pictures from the Butterfly exhibit. I'm going to do that now. (A blue morpho landed on Elder Krebs)

Are all of you stoked for General Conference? I am. Eat plenty of pop-tarts for me. 

I love you all! Stay strong. 

-Elder K. Schmutz 

Elder Graves and myself in front of a tiny waterfall at DOW Gardens.

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