Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gen Conf, etc. etc.

Hey family and friends!

As far as proselyting goes, not much new to report. We did a lot of door knocking this past week. Pretty slow since everyone left town for spring break. 

We did have a sweet lesson with Curt and Patty though. We invited them to baptism and Patty said yes right away but Curt was hesitant. Both Curt and our member present, Bro. Jones talked for quite a while so we didn't get to follow up and set a date but that will come next time we see them.

We also had a really good new-member lesson with Heather Hale. We talked about temple/family history work and eternal marriage. It was a really powerful lesson, and was really good since the next day she went to the temple for the first time.

K, so let's talk about General Conference. 

General Conference is just heaven-sent. After hearing the words of the prophets and apostles, how could you question that this is Christ's restored church? So much power. I suppose the most outstanding thing to me was the powerful testimonies and witnesses of the truth of the Gospel at the end of each address.

The first session was very good. My favorite talk would probably be President Eyring's at the end. The story of his great-grandfather Heinrich was very touching. 

The second session was really good as well. It was fun to hear W. Craig Zwick, especially since I could brag that I know Scotty Zwick (the infant that tumbled out of a moving truck in the arms of his mother). 

MAN. Priesthood session was unbelievable. Everyone should hear, study, and re-study the talks in the Priesthood session. Elder Oaks' talk was incredible. Next was Elder Hallstrom, his talk was awesome (he's coming to visit us in May as well as Elder Ballard). The next talks were just amazing. It was the best priesthood session I've ever attended. The Choir was good too. 

I was so stoked about Elder Ballard's invitation for all members to read and study Preach My Gospel. What a great idea! It encourages me to be a better Preach My Gospel missionary and work better with the members in the divine way that Preach My Gospel dictates. The rest of conference was just great. I was brought to tears many times by the power and the love that is so strong during conference.

That's about it for this week. Things are going pretty well. It's finally warming up. Funny story - our ward mission leader Bro. Jones invited us to Dairy Queen before the priesthood session. While we were there they were playing that weird song by Erasure and I just laughed like a dork. 

-Elder K. Schmutz

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