Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21 - Week 36

This was a pretty awesome week. We found new investigators, our current investigators are progressing nicely, and I ate a whole box of Peeps by myself.

I decided just now that I'm going to loosely organize this email by Preach My Gospel's 12 steps to planning. We'll see how it goes.

INVESTIGATORS ON DATE: Curt and Patty are still doing pretty well. They have a bunch of fellowshippers. They are having health troubles though and they've been really busy with work and other family matters. They would have come to church but they felt obligated to go with their family. They attended RES LIFE Easter services instead which is basically a rock band warehouse in the middle of nowhere. I guess it will be a good contrast when they come to our services next week. I think they have the Emma (dog-child) situation handled so we're golden. We went over and visited them yesterday and gave them an easter basket and worked through anti they found on the internet. Haha. Anti-mormon literature is just comical at this point. Maybe it's more so in Midland, but literally our first lesson is usually addressing anti. 

We also found a very kind man named Ben Guffy. He has fire tattooed on his forearm, long, bleached hair, and he's ever-so-slightly less accountable. He's way cool. Elder Graves and Anderson doorknocked into him on trade-offs and we went back a couple of days later. He was ready for us. Before we literally said anything he said, "You know, I've always wondered where I came from. Where was I before my mother's womb? And what is the purpose of life, anyway?" We were in awe by those golden questions. We taught the Plan of Salvation with those cards and he loved it. He wanted to be baptized right off the bat. He read the Book of Mormon in between our return appointments and keeps commitments. Ben is great!

INVESTIGATORS/LESS-ACTIVES TO CHURCH: We invited so many people to church this week, member and non-member since it was Easter. I mean, everyone goes to church on Easter. We were bummed that not as many showed up but we still saw a huge miracle. 

I'm going to have to go back a little on this one.

A member named Al has been inactive for the past 22 years. He's become an old, sick man, very bitter about the church. Our ward mission leader, Brother Jones has been his home teacher for just about that long. Bro. Jones took Jeremy (our recent convert) home teaching to go see Al. Jeremy and Al became really close friends. Al is now encouraging Jeremy to stay active, receive the Priesthood, go to the temple, everything. Al came to church yesterday after not setting a foot in the building for 22 years. He participated in Sunday School and Priesthood and bore amazing, profound testimony. He is working on becoming an active member himself. There are so many other details I could share that would just help you understand what a miracle it was.

Ben also came to church and enjoyed himself.

FINDING: We found another lady named Luann who knows members from both Midland 1 and 2. We taught her and have a return appt for tomorrow. 

You already know about Preston from last week's email. He cancelled our easter appt (he had work) but we reset for next Sunday.

That's about it as far as proselyting goes.

I've been forcing Elder Graves to go running with me in the morning. I know, Elder Schmutz running, it's hard to believe, but it's for real.

I saw a squirrel commit suicide this morning. Just ran right into the street and got hit by a car. I've been pretty broken up about it. 

So that's about it as far as random information goes.

I love you all! If you haven't seen it already, go to Mormon.org and watch the "Because of Him" video. (or copy/paste on this guy ----> easter.mormon.org ) So well done- we used it all week in our teaching and finding.

Jesus is the Christ and HE LIVES.



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