Monday, January 19, 2015

Quick Update

Hey everyone!

It was a busy but good work. Kids are back on campus so we had plenty of teaching opportunities! We picked up a handful of investigators, almost more than I ever have in a week. The highlight is Prashant from Nepal. He knew little about God and practically nothing about Jesus Christ. We taught him the plan of salvation and he loved it! He had so many golden questions that are answered by the scriptures. He practically asked if we could be exalted and that was a breath of fresh air considering so many of my former investigators were hung up over our divine potential.

Kirstin is still doing ok, but she didn't come to church! :/ We're meeting with her today.

To close, I want to share with you a text conversation that we had with a potential investigator. We doorknocked into him before break, his name is Hao (from China). He opened the door with boxers only on and we had a pretty good conversation. His girlfriend, Juju, was also listening and not clothed very much. He gave us a number to text after the break. The other day we texted him.

Us: Hey Hao, how have you been? It's the Mormon missionaries who knocked on your door a month ago.

Hao: What

Us: We talked to you before break about God. We talked to you and Juju at your apartment, do you remember?

Hao: Obviously not. Juju is my cat! Why are you talking to my cat?

Us: You told us your gf's name was Juju. Is your gf a cat? Either way we want to kow if we could come visit you tomorrow.

Hao: Umm I guess. My girlfriend is named Allison my cat is Juju. Who would name their child juju

Us: Haha I agree, you'd have to be crazy to name your child Juju. Could we come at 5?

Hao: Ummm 5 is not good how about 3?

Us: Yeah that would work. At your apt or campus?

Hao: Apartment would be best so I can feed Juju.

Us: Cool we'll see you then!

Hao: Sounds like a plan

...The next day as we are standing outside Hao's door....

Us: Hey Hao are you close to your apartment?

Hao: Wait this isn't someone joking with me

Us: No we were serious and we're standing outside your apartment.

Hao: Oh dude I am so sorry I thought you were pranking me

Us: haha ok. Can we come another time for reals?

Hao: I seriously have no idea who you are.

Us: You and Allison answered the door in the evening one day and we talked to you for not even 5 minutes about God's plan for us. You were only wearing boxers and you gave us your number so we could set up a time to come back. Do you remember this at all?

Not Hao: You definitely have the wrong number.

Us: Do you really have a cat named Juju? If not you're the one punking us. Do you live in Kalamazoo?

Not Hao: No I live in Decatur and I do not own any cats I honestly thought you were one of my friends messing with me.

....The conversation continues and we eventually invite this person to learn. Nothing came of it except a pretty funny text conversation.

Love you all! Have a great week! I'd send you some pictures but I don't have my camera on me. We are short on time since we're not emailing at the library (MLK day). I love hearing your updates and your own missionary moments! Don't be afraid to open your mouth; the Gospel is so 100% true!!!

-Elder Schmutz

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