Monday, January 12, 2015

T-Calls, Etc.

Hey everyone!

Well, the big news is that I'm staying at WMU for another transfer! Wooo!!!! Elder McMurtrey and I are re-united after two long weeks. In other news around the mission, they recombined Grand Rapids and Spring Lake into one zone and the same with Lansing and Meridian. So we're back down to one zone per stake.

Not a lot to report on this week. Worked really hard in K2 with Elder Olsen. Went to St. Joseph on a blitz (their apartment is on the last stage of treatment for bed bugs; heck no am I sleeping over). We drove there through a severe blizzard with no visibility. I think it was the following morning there was a 100+ car pileup on the highway so I feel blessed we didn't get into a wreck of any kind. It was bitter cold pretty much all of this week but it's warming up nicely. The students are coming back to WMU so I'm stoked out of my mind to start the REAL fun. These past 6 weeks have been full of miracles but it's also been really tough with so many members and students out of town! It was sort of a blessing our area got closed for two weeks but now we're eagerly anticipating proselyting here again.

MLC was on Tuesday and that was nice. We can go to the temple more frequently AND we can listen to more music now. 

That's about it! Love you all, I'm out of time because we need to go help with transfers.

-Elder Schmutz

Picture: a cross-stitched Jesus displayed in the upper rooms of the Kalamazoo University Branch.

Our mission president made some banners that say "We are Family" and "We can do hard things".
They'll be displayed at every big training from now on. Pretty dope.

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