Monday, January 26, 2015

Training in Lansing, etc.

Hey everyone!

Man, what a great week. Monday night we taught Kirstin at the church. She is doing well though! She has already finished the Book of Mormon. We also went to FHE that night and played "9 square" (like 4 square but with 8 squares surrounding a king square) and I wrecked face. We did trade-offs with Paw Paw over Tuesday. I brought Elder Fairbanks to campus with me, and he is HUGE. 6'8" and 300+ lbs. I think people on campus were scared of him. We had a full, active day of finding and teaching and picked up some new investigators.

Wednesday for district lunch we did a buffet at Pizza hut. Big mistake! Later in the day we went and taught Kirstin on her break at Olive Garden. She told us she'd buy us dessert if we guessed her favorite scripture in the Book of Mormon. I guessed her favorite chapter and verse in two guesses, one right after the other. I enjoyed my black tie mousse cake thouroughly.

Thursday was incredible! We went to Lansing for a leadership training (DL's, ZL's, and STL's). Brothers Hemmingway and Radford from the mission department  (IN SLC) cam and blew our minds with an awesome training. They opened up facebook to district leaders and told us to have only one account and delete the other. That's whey you've seen me on facebook now! The best part is they taught us how to teach super efficiently and simply and it blew our minds. They gave us lots of good finding advice, and how to work with members. It was probably one of my most favorite trainings ever. 

Friday, we applied the things we learned. With the two new investigators we were meeting with that day, we taught a simple restoration out of the pamphlets. We taught Autumn, a freshman from Detroit and committed her to read, pray, come to church, and be baptized in half an hour. We taught Nick, a Christian from India the same lesson but in half the time and extended the same commitments. We also taught the Restoration to our investigator from Nepal named Prashant. He loved it too and we set a date with him as well. We taught Sierra and had a sort of break-through lesson with her. She opened up and told us she had been avoiding really praying about the Book of Mormon because she's afraid of the answer she'll get. She's gotten opposition from family but I think she understands how significant this is now. Later in the day we had hotpot with our chinese dad, Long Chen. We ate a lot and it was very good. Shoulda taken pictures.

Saturday we did a church tour with Autumn and Nick and they loved it. We were supposed to have a total of 6 people come to church, but two ended up coming. Some got sick and others left town and Kirstin didn't come either! Gahh, she is sorta making us crazy! Nick and another investigator Jacob came. They both had good experiences though. 

Man! My emails are long. Sorry.

 I love each of you a lot! The message we share is true and it will bring the love of God into the lives of anyone who hears it! Peace in this life cannot be achieved without the gospel of Jesus Christ. Keep up the missionary work I hear about! 

-Elder Schmutz

Attached: a picture of myself and Elder Fairbanks. I told people on campus he was my bodyguard. No one thought it was very funny.

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