Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2 June 2014

Hey family and friends!
I can't even handle that it's June already. You're probably sick of hearing that but it's true. I've spent the past few minutes trying to remember everything that's happened this year. There's so much but it feels like it was not even 2 days ago.
Not much new this week. We've just been strummin' along finding and teaching. Things are picking up bit by bit. We have been biking everwhere which I would love except it's been super muggy a few days this week. I just about died last Tuesday (not really, I just wanted to). I will have to get used to being sweaty all of the time I guess.
I'll tell you a bit about our top investigators since I didn't have time last week:
We're teaching Angel, a member's girlfriend and she's doing well. She comes to church and enjoys it and feels the Spirit. Progressing towards baptism.
We found Ray last week, he was a former that I taught on trade-offs when I came to Holland. He was super happy to see us again (I have no clue why elders stopped teaching him) but he's a sweet guy that wants to change. He's just a couple years older than we are so we get along and he calls us his friends. He is also working towards a baptismal date.
We started teaching Jackie Robinson. No, not the baseball player. He's an almost completely blind man that lives on his own. He's ripping through the Book of Mormon on tape. Came to church yesterday, enjoyed it.
There are others that are working towards baptism as well. It's been humbling how much Heavenly Father has blessed us this week and the last. Things turned around really quickly, and it's only possible because this is His work. That's all I see day by day. Heaveny Father and Jesus Christ are in this work.
I feel like that's about it, this transfer is a blur! We start exchanges tonight, Elder Coziar is coming for a day to work in Holland with me. This Wednesday is half-mission p-day which will be crazy fun! I'll have to send pictures.
I love you all!

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