Monday, June 9, 2014

Half-Mission P day-ski's, etc. etc.

Hey family and friends!
The last person that used this computer must have been like 90 because the font on everything is changed to mega-huge mode. I think just about everyone in the library can read this email so here goes.
This week was pretty aight. It was pretty miraculous how quickly we set quite a few dates and found new investigators in the past weeks and now we're distinguishing between those who are ready to progress. Just when disappointment happens it seems like Heavenly Father blesses us with another tender mercy. The Lord's work is just so rewarding. I'm never coming home.
The week started off kinda slow. I did trade-offs with my DL's companion Elder Coziar. We had a great time, he's a goofy kid. Four out of five appointments fell through on Tuesday though. That was a bummer. Alright though. We still worked hard and did all we could.
Wednesday was AWESOME though. We had half-mission p-day, where half the mission came to Holland to play games together and have a good time. I got to see lots of missionaries that I haven't seen for quite a while, like Elder Leavitt, one of my first zone leaders. I also met Elder Schultz who is my new good friend. We were teamed up together most of the day and everyone was mixing us up. Pretty hilarious. We played some big games like relay races and tug-o-war and split up into smaller groups to play stuff like ultimate frisbee and kickball, etc. Super fun. Pictures will be included.
The rest of the week went by super quick even though we struggled to meet with investigators. We've been lead by the Spirit to find some very cool to potentials. Last night I felt prompted that we should bike north of us and check on potentials since we have quite a few of them in a concentrated area. We were drawn by the Spirit to knock on one door, and we contacted this awesome family and had a forty-minute conversation on their doorstep. Other cool coincidence/tender mercy: their 14-year old daughter is a percussionist and loves Lindsay Sterling and other Mormon artists.
We also had an amazing lesson with our investigator, J.R. He's been taught for a while now but it's been hard to get him to come to church becasue he and his wife went once and didn't really get it and didn't have the best experience. We invited the Spirit and taught about the blessing of obeying God's commandments. They both committed to come to church again and the Spirit was there for sure.
Everything else is going alright. I'm happy. Transfer calls are this Friday. That's something to look forward to. It's a big transfer; 16 coming and 16 going. Kinda exciting. President Hess leaves in a few weeks too.
Love you all!

Me and Elder Schulz

Just one of good ole' Lake Michigan

Elder Jackson and myself at Lake Michigan

My name tag broke as well.

We went to go visit the lake!

Me and Elder Leavitt

Me and my pal Elder Derricott

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