Monday, June 16, 2014

Transfers, Flag Day, etc.

I actually have no time for once so I gotta make this quick.
Transfers came! Elder Jackson will be heading to Saginaw! I'm pretty jealous, Saginaw is a sweet area/ward (but not as sweet as Holland, for real). Apparently, I didn't mess up my first trainee badly enough so they're giving me a second go. I pick up my new companion on Thursday and I'll be in Lansing until then. Also, I'm going to be a district leader. I'm excited but nervous to be district leader; I've been blessed with such great leaders in my 10 months so I hope I can be a good leader to others now.
I had the best birthday/flag day ever. After studies and an appointment Elder Jackson and I headed down to the farmer's market in downtown Holland to wish people a happy flag day. We coordinated our outfit too; I wore a red tie, we had our white shirts on, and Elder Jackson wore blue. We just wished everyone a happy flag day. We got the same two responses out of everyone. 1) It's Flag Day? and 2) You aren't Jehovah's Witnesses? We got some good contacts out of it.
After that we biked around and dropped in on potentials, formers, and other investigators that Elder Jackson has taught since he's leaving now. At one point we got stuck behind a train so I took out some "Questions of the Soul" cards and passed them out to the waiting cars. That was way fun.
So our newest progressing investigator is Mechelle Dean, a former's wife. She's legit and she loves us. She invited us over to a huge father's day bbq. When we got to this huge neighborhood gathering everyone was looking at us like, "why are you here?" but then Mechelle stopped everyone and yelled loudly, "EVERYONE. THESE ARE MY FRIENDS". Then everyone came up to us and introduced us and it was sweet. We got some sweet contacts and referrals because everyone loved us. They were a little drunk but that's ok.
That's about it. I gotta run. I love you all!
The picture is of E. Jackson and Mechelle.

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