Monday, June 23, 2014

Lansing Fun, New Comp, Etc.

My new companion is Elder Hudson! He's from Nibley (Cache Valley) UT. He graduated from High School not even four weeks ago. He's a percussionist, played in the Mountain Crest drumline, and we are just basically best friends already. The best part is that he is just super prepared. He just jumps in on anything we do, finding or teaching. He knows his stuff but is willing to learn more. He really is training me.
Nothing big to report from Holland this week. Our investigators are progressing pretty well. Next Sunday we're teaching 5th Sunday and will institute something called the "willing and brief" invitation" in Holland. It's basically an easy commitment invitation for the members to remember when they get into gospel discussions with their friends/aquaintances. We heard about this from Sister Coltrin whose daughter is serving in Nevada currently. They started it over there and it has had a ton of success. It basically goes like this: Would you be WILLING to listen to a BRIEF presentation on __(Jesus Christ)____ by two of our ____(awesome)____ young missionaries serving in your area? When they accept, you just get their name, number and address and pass it on to the missionaries. REFERRAL. Hopefully it will take off in Holland.
 That's about it for the week I think. Most of my time was spent working in Lansing with the zone leaders, Elder Bass and Elder Elwood. We had a good time in the three-ish days we were together. We went on splits one night and me and Elder Elwood started teaching a Mom and daughter that had seen the Book of Mormon play. That was pretty sweet. I learned a lot from the both of them- they are both very wise and experienced.
Love you all! Thanks for all of the love and support.

Me and Sparty

My new companion Elder Hudson!

Picture of my Tripanionship this week

Just me at the MSU Stadium

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